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Bequest Language

A bequest through a will or revocable living trust is the most popular and flexible way of making a deffered gift to Albertina Kerr. 

Benefits of a bequest in a will or trust:   
  • Simple way to make a future gift to Kerr.
  • No impact on the assets during your lifetime.
  • Preserves your right to change your mind.
  • Potential reduction of estate taxes.
Suggested Language:

I hereby bequeath to the Albertina Kerr Centers Foundation, located in Portland, Oregon with the tax identification number of 93-1297104 ______________ (dollar amount OR percentage of the residue of my estate OR description of property) for its unrestricted use and purpose as determined by the Board of Directors (OR for the benefit of insert program of choice.)

Gift Planning Tip:

To guard against the possibility of the purpose of your gift becoming obsolete, we recommend that restricted bequests be made in the broadest terms possible or include a clause that allows the gift to become unrestricted if the program does not exist in the future.

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